Poseidon – Price List

Type of accommodation 1.5. – 1.7. 1.7. – 20.8. 20.8. – 1.10.
Xline 4 + auxiliary 150 € 220€ 150 €
Xline 6 + auxiliary 180 € 240€ 180 €
Studio Apartments 30m2 120 € 150€ 130 €
Studio Apartments 40m2 120 € 150€ 130 €



Pets 7 €
Laundry wash 5 €
Dry cleaning 5 €
Extra cleaning 25 €
Hairdryer Free(ask at the reception)



Tourist tax per person per day        1,35 € – 10,00 HRK

Tourist tax children (12-18)                  0,70 € – 5,00 HRK




Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o.) provides accommodation and related services according to information available on our web site / advertisement / brochures. Unless otherwise stated, the Total amount includes bed, linen, water, electricity and bathroom towels ( not beach towels ), and air conditioning. An advance payment, is necessary to confirm the booking. Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o.)  shall confirm the booking once the advance payment is registerd on our account. When the advance payment is recived, the Client will recive an email Receipt/Voucher from the Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o.) confirming the payment. The Receipt/Voucher must be printed out by the Client and presented upon arrival. Unless otherwise stated in the Accomodation Services Agreement, the final payment is to be paid upon arrival at the booked accomodation. In case of subsequent cancellations of a confirmed booking, Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o.) shall keep of the advance payment to cover costs related to the booking, as stated under  „ Client’s Right to Changes and Cancellations „.




In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Croatian Gazette 79/09), Article 8, Paragraph 1, and the correction of the Law on Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act (Official Croatian Gazette 89/90) Article 5, paragraph 2, written complains which is located at the landlord or e-mail to: [email protected]




The accomodation facilities specified on the Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o.)  web site/advertisement/brochure and described according to the official evaluation conducted  by relevant local tourist authorities of Croatia and the owner of accomodation. Poseidon Mobile Home Resort (Budikovac d.o.o) has inspected the accomodation facilities when this was possible.




Poseidon Mobile Home Resort reserves the right to modify or cancel booked accomodation in case of force majeure situations or other factors that could not have been foreseen or avoided prior to, or during the stay. The booked accommodation facility can in such cases, with the Client s consent, be replaced with an alternative accommodation facility. Any alternative accommodation facility offered shall in that case hold the same, or higher standard than originally booked accommodation facility and be offered at the same price as the original booking. If there is only accommodation of higher standard available and the price exceeds the price of the originally booked accommodation by 10 % or more, Poseidon Mobile Home Resort reserves the right to charge the Client the difference with prior consent of the Client. In cases when alternative accommodation is unavailable, Poseidon Mobile Home Resort reserves the right to cancel the booking. Notice of such cancellation shall be given no less than 7 days before arrival. Poseidon Mobile Home Resort  shall in such cases return the entire advance amount to the Client.




  • To be in possession of valid travel documents.
  • To verify whether it is necessary for themselves or any other number of their party to obtain an entry visa for the Republic of Croatia.
  • To comply with Customs rules and regulations regarding import or export of currency under relevant laws of the Republic of Croatia.
  • To agree house rules in accommodation facilities and accept suggestions of the host made in good will.
  • To present the confirmation of paid booking ( Voucher recived by e-mail ) to the agent or owner of the accommodation facility.
  • Not to accommodate other guests in accommodation facility apart from those stated herein.
  • To clean accomodation before departure ( take out the garbage,wash the dishes and cutlery,empty the fridge )
  • By confirming the booking, the Client agrees to report to and reimburse the host for any damages caused to the accomodation facility ( including furniture and kitchenware ) during the stay.




Poseidon Mobile Home Resort shall not be responsible for any destroyed,lost or damaged luggage, not for theft of luggage or valuables from the accommodation unit (we recommend  to acquire travel insurance that covers theft). Lost or stolen luggage should be reported to the accomodation facility owner or the nearest local police authority.




The price of accommodation facility booked through Poseidon Mobile Home Resort does not cover insurance of any kind. If the Client wants insurance, it must be bought directly from a private insurance company.




Under the Tourist Tax Act of the Republic of  Croatia, visitors are required to pay taxes for their stay, along with payment for accommodation services. The stipulated rate ranges from around  1 € per person per day for adults 18 years old and older. Youth from 12 to 17 years old are normally entitled to 50 % discount. Children from 0 till 11 years old are in most cases exempt from tourist tax payment. The total amount of tourist tax depends on the destination in Croatia and the lenght of stay and may vary according to currency fluctuations and local policy. Tourist tax is not calculated in price for some accomodation.




  • Unless otherwise stated, check-in time is from 2;00 pm, check-out time is until 10;00 am.
  • If the Client requires check-in or check-out time outside of the above period, or in case of delays, the Client should contact the owner of the accommodation facility or Poseidon Mobile Home Resort and inform them about arrival/departure time or delays. In case of delays on arrival longer than 24 hours – without notification to the owner of the accommodation facility or Poseidon Mobile Home Resort local representative – the Agreement shall be considered as cancelled.
  • The owner of the accommodation facility or receptionit is responsible to hand the key to the Client on arrival. The Client is responsible to return the key to the owner of the accommodation facility or receptionist or to leave the key on an agreed upon location on departure.
  • The Client is responsible to transfer the accommodation facility back in the same condition as it was on arrival (except for final cleaning). The accommodation facility shall be cleared, trash emptied and removed and dishes cleaned.




The Client has the right to change or cancel the booking in writing (by e-mail or fax). If changes in the booking are not possible, and the Client for this or other reasons chooses to cancel the booking, the following rules shall apply;


For reservations cancelled 7 days to the date of arrival, Poseidon Mobile Home Resort  shall keep the advance  payment to cover administration costs.

For reservation cancelled 3 days to the date of arrival, Poseidon Mobile Home Resort shall charge you 70% of total amount, in case you do not have health issues or death in family for which you have to provide documentation.


By confirming the booking and paying the advance payment for the accommodation, the Client irrevocably confirms that he/she understands and accepts the above conditions




In the event of dispute that might arise from the Accommodation Services Agreement and these Terms and Conditions that are a constituent part there of, the parties agree to make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute to mutual agreement. In the event that the dispute arising from the provisions of the Accommodation Services Agreement, and therefore from the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, cannot be settled through mutual agreement, the parties agree that the dispute shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court in Split and Croatian law.