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The pool – the guests of the resort have on disposal the outdoor pool, accompanied with the cosy sunbeds and a bar which is an ideal spot for the complete relaxation and fun by the beautiful sunsets.



The pool – the guests of the resort have on disposal the outdoor pool, accompanied with the cosy sunbeds and a bar which is an ideal spot for the complete relaxation and fun by the beautiful sunsets.for all the sport lovers we provide two tennis courts (concrete/clay), you can make your appointment at the resort reception.


The Central City Beach is the longest and biggest area in one and stretches along the whole western inhabited city zone, starting from the city port to the bottom hotel facilities of 2 km length. It represents the biggest and the most popular city beach, aside from the pleasure of bathing in the cristal clear sea, you can enjoy its various sport activities. It's a typical city beach that has all the subjects of the new European destinations, from catering and accommodation facilities to the related subjects connected to leisure and activities, it is also rich in natural pine tree shades which can be highly appreciative during the unbearable summer heats and most importantly suitable for the kids and families. One part of the beach divides into the rocky and concrete part of St. Peter’s peninsula, and behind the lighthouse, from the outer side of the peninsula you’ll find a smaller FKK beach, a nudist friendly area. Biloševac is on the west side of the City beach and it’s the first area of the isolated beaches. There is also Cvitačka, both beaches are part of the inhabited city area. In recent years around dozen catering bars have been opened in those two panoramas so it is not difficult to find a good refreshment during the summer months. In that surrounding you will reach one more FKK beach and after the picturesque foreland Cvitačak, hidden in the pine woods there're a few more bays that the nudist use. The whole area is passable along the forest path that leads up to Krvavica.



Franciscan Monastery & Shell Museum was founded by fr Jure Radić in 1963.  This Museum has a magnificent display of sea snails and shellfishes of the Adriatic and the whole world which is touristic most famous Malacological collection in Croatia today. With rich malacological collection, the museum has valuable herbarium of plants and lower mountain slope paleontological collections. Malacological Museum in Makarska is a museum of shells – shells of marine mollusks. It was created thanks to the systematic and self-sacrificing work of the theologian and natural scientist Phd. Fr. Jure Radic with the support and cooperation of numerous people, scientists, museum workers, collectors, and especially his faithful friar Franjo Carev, under the most frequently mentioned motto “From Peoples to the People”.

Croatian holy shrine of Vepric is dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes and it was founded in 1908 by bishop Phd. Juraj Carić who was also buried here. The natural cave and the whole landscape surrounded by hills, plants and a stream lively reminds of the French Lourdes where Our Lady appeared for 18 times to Bernardica Soubirous in 1858.  In this sanctuary there is also the chapel and the sacristy, the square altar, confessionals, the Way of the Cross, spiritual exsercices home retreat, procession paths. Because of its natural beauty, closeness of the sea, and total silence sanctuary Vepric is very attractive to pilgrims. Throughout the year there are countless visitors and many of them visit Vepric daily and especially during the pilgrimage days on February 11th, March 25th, August 15th, and September 7th and 8th. In fact there is no moment that someone is not in the sanctuary.

It’s located on the coastal slopes of Biokovo mountain above the village Kotišina, at an altitude of 350 to 500 meters and is the main component of the Biokovo natural park.

The garden was founded by phd. fr. Jure Radić (1920 -1990), a Franciscan and a scientist, with the purpose of scientific research and observation, protection, conservation and popularization of the flora of Biokovo.

On the top of Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina, there are about 300 wild plants, from typical Mediterranean to mountainous, and in some areas exotic, agricultural and medicinal plants were planted. In the centre of Kotišina there is also a birthplace home of the Jesuit priest and poet father Petar Perica, born 1881. Father Petar Perica and many other remarkable Croatian patriots were treacherously murdered in 1944. on the islet Daksi. He is known as the author of the favourite Croatian Marian hymn ” Rajska djevo, kraljice Hrvata ” and “Do nebesa nek se ori”. The house has been redecorated and rebuilt, so it is open to all interested visitors.



The geographic and traffic position of Makarska provides various choices for the visitors in half-day and daily excursions, visits to numerous natural, cultural and other sights and places along the Dalmatian coast, its Zagora and its islands, Hvar, Brac and Korcula.


Makarska abounds in various sports activities. Sports facilities of the Osejava Sports Center include football, basketball, rugby, handball, tennis, athletic fields and playgrounds for the small sports. In recent years, the interest for extreme sports is growing rapidly: paragliding, rock climbing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, windsurfing, diving, parasailing, trekking and speleology. Just 30 kilometers from Makarska there is a beautiful town of Omis, which is the center of active tourism in Dalmatia. For more information about renting and all the extreme sports that the city offers, please feel free to contact our team at the reception. They will always be at your service and help organize and book any excursions or sports activities.