Poseidon Tennis Academy

The Poseidon Tennis Academy, which is located near the sea, top class apartments, bungalows and amazingly decorated surroundings full of greenery and a range of facilities, offers unique learning conditions for people who just want to have fun but also for professionals and those who aim to be ones. Programs adapted to all ages and levels of tennis skill ensure individual approach to all participants of the Academy, work on aspects of the game they find important and focus on the things that are crucial for their progress. A team of great coaches is in charge of all this. Among them, there are experts with a noteworthy playing career and people who made a name for themselves while working with all types of players.


TENNIS COURT to 7 PM 50 kn/hour 30 kn/hour
  from 7 PM 70 kn/hour 50 kn/hour


For reservations, please contact us via e-mail poseidon@poseidon.hr or call us on +385 99 338 1515





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